English Premier League to end in style.

English Premier League to end in style.

 As the Premier league ends this Sunday, there will be quite some interesting fixtures on that day. At the top of the table will be their fierce battle for Champions League qualification as three clubs fight for the third and fourth position. 

The matches to watch will definitely be Chelsea vs Wolves and Leicester City vs Manchester United. These fixtures will be moment defining for the three clubs. For Manchester United, a win or a draw against Leicester will be a direct ticket to the UEFA Champions league. They are at number three in the league with 63 points and a goal difference of 28 goals. For the Leicester Foxes, they strongly need a win against united to be assured of getting a UCL ticket. They are currently fifth with 62 points and a goal difference of 28 therefore, a draw for them would be an option depending on how the Chelsea match against wolves will turn out. Chelsea on the other hand also strongly needs a win because if it comes to goal difference they are the lowest in the top five with on 13.It surely never gets bigger than this. 

Since the leagues number five will automatically qualify for Europa, there is also a mid-table battle for Qualification by position 6 between Wolves and Tottenham Hotspur. Wolves at 59 points and a goal difference of 13 will be hoping to beat the South West London Blues to secure that position. They are also currently in the same tournament and if by any chance they win, they will be getting a ticket to the Champions League. For them its a no taking chances situation. Spurs at 58 points and a goal difference of 14 are also trying to qualify for the UEFA Europa League. A win against Crystal palace on that same day would be important to their campaign.

Finally, the tight relegation battle will be coming to an end of the same day. It is confirmed that Norwich City will be headed back to The Skybet Championship since they have 21 points and a goal difference of -44.Gaining 3 points against Manchester City wont save them but at least it will be a farewell match since they put up quite a show in the PL. Above them is Bournemouth with 31 points, and a goal difference of -27, who will be meeting Everton hoping for three points to put them level with Watford and Aston Villa who are at 34 points each. The Cherries can only escape relegation if both of the clubs above it loose. Watford, who will be facing Arsenal can only escape relegation if they win and Aston Villa loses their match against Westham. The last three clubs will be relegated and on Sunday we will be able to tell who gets axed and who gets lucky.

All matches on Sunday will be played at 6pm .The premier league is set to return in September 12th 

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