Is Mason Greenwood back at Manchester United?

Lately, speculations surrounding Mason Greenwood have been rampant on social media pages. The English forward has been trending over several social media pages, including Twitter. The forward has been out of action since 2021 when a domestic violence case was lodged against him. This was followed by an indefinite suspension by his boyhood club Manchester United.

This happened when Greenwood was in form and hitting strides in his development. Periods of attending court, private training, and a generally low-key life followed for the Carrington-bred Mancunian. His case was dropped recently, and the forward is expected to play football this coming season. However, the activities around him in recent times have led some football fans to speculate about his return. With the accusations now expunged, the curiosity among the fans remains; “Is Mason Greenwood back at Manchester United?”

Why Mason is Still Out

Mason Greenwood is yet to rejoin the Manchester United squad despite speculations suggesting so. The winger is still waiting for official communication from the club on the outcome of their investigation. This outcome carries the future of perhaps one of the finest talents produced at the Carrington. If the outcome of the independent investigations is positive, then the forward would be seen back at Carrington. However, any negative outcome means he would depart from his boyhood club, where his stars had already aligned. Adidas already sanctioned Greenwood’s acquittal and all that’s left to see is whether other parties will follow suit.

The final decision is expected to be announced by the 14th of August, when Manchester United will officially kick off their season. This will be followed by a verdict by the management on whether the forward has a lifeline at the club. In case he leaves, many clubs in Italy and Turkey are more than ready to get his signature. He has been one of the proven Premier League young assets.

The Possibilities after decision making

Greenwood faces at least three probable outcomes in the verdict set for the 14th of August. He might be forced to pack his bags and leave for another club if the club’s decision doesn’t favor him. Turkish and Italian clubs are hot on his heels in case the Red Devils conclude their report in this manner.

If the club’s verdict works in his favor, the first probable resolution would be a loan move to an Italian club, preferably Atalanta. According to some reports, Manchester United could send their forward there to regain his form before being absorbed into the Erik Ten Hag squad.

Is Mason Greenwood back at Manchester United?
Is Mason Greenwood back at Manchester United? The club’s final decision will help put this matter to bed. (Source: SNL24)

The alternative is re-joining the club and immediately starting working with Manager Erik Ten Hag. The manager is open to working with Mason but has retaliated that the club decides whether to keep him. If taken back, he will compete with Jadon Sancho, Anthony, Amad Diallo, and the fast-rising Facundo Pellistri for the right-wing spot.

The Manager and Teammates take on Greenwood.

Recently, manager Erik Ten Hag refused to answer a journalist who wanted the manager to speak on his opinion on Mason. The manager said he would not repeat himself on the issue and that his opinion was already evident. Ten Hag had already praised Mason as a player and said he would fancy working with such a promising talent.

He further said that working with the player depends on the club’s decision about the player. He repeatedly said he would not mind working with the Manchester United Academy-bred player.

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The players have also reportedly shown their support and promised to support the youngster if he makes a comeback. The way back to Old Trafford seems clear for the forward as long as the verdict comes out positive.

The Fan Base Reactions

The Red Devil fanbase is split into two, with a faction supporting the player. The other faction, Anti-Greenwood, has asked the club not to allow the player back. The Pro-Greenwood team is ready to take the player back to the club, seeing him as a critical future aspect. They wouldn’t mind seeing the player donning the scarlet red Manchester United jersey.

With the verdict day nearing, fans are split and awaiting the club’s verdict. The future of the youngster rests with this crucial decision. Whatever the verdict, one side will be at a loss but must cope with the club’s decision.

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