UEFA Champions League vs. Premier League? One pick

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Premier League vs Uefa Champions League? European football competitions happen to be the most lucrative around the world. The clubs with the most fans generally ply their trade in Europe. Amongst them all, two competitions stand out, the English Premier League and the UEFA champions league. The two happen to have a massive fan-base around the world. This is how they compare in some aspects.

Why Did The Two Competitions Start?

UEFA was established in 1954 in Switzerland. Its main aim was for Europe to have an independent football governing body. The premier league, on the other hand, was established in 1992. This came after an agreement between division one clubs to break away from Football League. The Premier League offered better television rights deals.

Moreover, it happens to have more fans than the UEFA Champions League. This is shown by statistics, especially on merchandise sales. In 2020 alone, three premier league clubs made it to the top 10 best selling jerseys list. Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal sold more jerseys than Real Madrid. Real happen to be the most successful club in Champions League history. This shows that the EPL is more popular than the Champions League.

The Fan-base

Billions of fans watch the two competitions worldwide. However, the English Premier League has a more significant fan base than the UEFA Champions League. This can be attributed to the fact that the EPL is broadcasted almost every other weekend. The champions league, on the other hand, is known to take extended breaks over time. The consistency in the English Premier League makes it more lucrative than the Champions League.

Premier League vs. Champions League, make your pick.
Alex Ferguson posing with the Champions League trophy and the Premier League trophy. Phot Credits: The Mirror

Ticket Sales

The UCL tickets are more expensive and highly bought than EPL ones. This is because Champions League matches are fewer than EPL ones. The fans, therefore, scramble for the few available tickets for limited games.


Sponsors keep on changing on a seasonal basis. For the 2020/21 UCL seasons, eight sponsors are noted. These are; Nissan, Gazprom, PlayStation, Lays, Santander, MasterCard, Expedia, and Heineken. The Premier League, on the other hand, has eight sponsors too. These are; EA Sports, Budweiser, Barclays, Coca-Cola, Nike, Hublot, Avery Dennison, and Panini. Both competitions have shown their prowess by attracting decent sponsorship deals.

 Financial Gains

The UEFA Champions League pays better than the English Premier League. The winner of UCL gets close to an average of 100 million euros after completing the event successfully. The EPL winner, on the other hand, can get an average of 170 million euros. With these stats, the Champions league pays much better per game. This is because a maximum of 15 games is played in the UCL season by a team. In the EPL, 38 matches must be played.

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Player Vs. Coach Preference

Claudio Ranieri is celebrated in England due to his Premier League win with Leicester City. More reason to pick Premier League ove Champions League
Claudio Ranieri celebrating Premier League victory with Leicester City. Photo Credits : Zapsports

Most players prefer a Champions League medal. This is because it’s more competitive and ranks highest in European club competitions. Players like Buffon have been struggling to win the trophy, even though he has a good number of league trophies. Most managers prefer a league trophy since it appeals more to the fan base. Most legendary managers have been rated by the league titles won. Former Leicester City man Claudio Ranieri is idolized more in England than Roberto Di Matteo. The former won an EPL trophy with Leicester while the latter won a Champions League trophy with Chelsea.


As for my take on Champions League vs Premier League, here is my opinion. The champions league pays better per match. It also seems to have the upper hand over the EPL in many aspects. However, the English Premier League remains a fan favorite around the world: today Liverpool are on top of the table, tommorow they are fourth, all in a span of a week or two. Don’t you love this? In this debate, the Champions League will always come second.

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