Final Top 4 battle comes down to the remaining four matches.

Final Top 4 battle comes down to the remaining four matches.

After all the game week scuffles it all comes down to the remaining four premier league matches to determine who will get the third and the fourth position in the final table. Four clubs have been on wild chase for the UEFA Champions league Qualification spot but now it’s evident that it comes down to only three clubs. 

Leicester City,  who recently lost 3-0 to Tottenham Hotspurs, are at 62 points with a goal difference of 28,temporarily seated at position four with only one game left. The shocking defeat at London cost them so much and now they tie at goal difference with Manchester United who have a game at hand.  The two clubs will meet for a final showdown at King Power Stadium to square it out for European Football participation glory on July 26th. Based on the odds, if they manage to beat Manchester United or go level pegging they might still have a chance to qualify for the UCL.

Chelsea, at position three with 63 points and a goal difference of 15, are in a tight situation with two matches left. The South West London Blues will travel to Meyerside today to face Premier League champions, Liverpool at Anfield Stadium. A pretty tough fixture if you ask me.With their low goal difference, a win today would be very crucial for securing their third position. Liverpool haven’t lost a home game in the premier league since 2017 and  I can’t possibly imagine them letting that record get broken by The blues in as much as they aided in their early trophy when  they beat Manchester City. Tonight we will find out if they will return the favour. Chelsea will host Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday 26th July for their final league game.

Manchester United, at position five with also 62 points and a goal difference of 28, had a chance of elevating to position three, but shared points after the draw with Southampton. Today they host a relegation- battling Westham United, hoping for a victory that might put them in the third position. If Ole and his boys blow this chance, it would come down to their final match with The Foxes. It wouldn’t be an easy game, considering Westham has been on a winning streak and are trying hard to avoid relegation. The East London Irons wouldn’t mind doing a double on the Red devils. The last remaining matches are very crucial for the clubs and every point and every goal counts.

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