Lazio Set to Sign Manchester City Playmaker David Silva

Lazio Set to Sign Manchester City Playmaker David Silva

According to Sky Sports  Italia and the Guardian, Lazio have plans of signing Man City playmaker David Silva this summer.

Silva has played over 400 games for Man City in the last ten years he has been at the club. He played his final Premier League match against Norwich in July where they won 5-0 at the Etihad Stadium.

In his last game for Man City in the Premier League, he said: 

“I have enjoyed the ten years here, today was the last game in the Premier League, but now we have to be focused on the Champions League.

“It was emotional, I have been here for ten years, I love all of the players and staff, we have a good relationship and I am going to miss all of them.

“I couldn’t imagine winning so many titles in the way we did when I first came here. I am a lucky guy; I’ve had a lot of nice moments. I will miss everything, even the weather!”

He is currently a free agent but will still play for Man City in the ongoing Champions League games. According to the Guardian, Lazio offered the Spaniard £50,000 a week but he wants around £100,000 a week to sign a new deal with the club. The club is still negotiating with Silva hoping to close a deal soon.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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