Are Juventus on their way to win their 9TH consecutive League title?

After a glorious 4-1 victory against Torino today, the Italian giants, Juventus are now at 75 points, 7 points ahead of Lazio who are at position two at 68 points with a game at hand. Their absolute domination for years in that league is now a cliché and the club might as well be on their way to win their 9th consecutive league title. They have won 24 out of 30 league games, drew in 3 and lost 3 matches.

Performance-wise they haven’t been that good compared to other seasons. This season their gameplay has seemingly changed after they hired their new manager, Maurizio Sarri. Pundits have criticized his tactics claiming it kills their counter attacking abilities. The club got knocked out of all their domestic cups and are currently focusing on winning the league and the UEFA Champions League. Their main man Cristiano Ronaldo alongside other key players are in good form and are positive about winning the Scudetto. 

The Portuguese forward scored his first free kick goal in Serie A and assisted the second goal by Juan Cuadrado.The Old lady winning a second league title with him as their main striker is an advantage to his achievements considering he was the first player to ever win the English Premier League,La Liga and the Serie A title. The Bianconeris will be away as they play AC Milan next on Tuesday July 7th at Stadio Guisseppe Meazza in Milano, Italy. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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