Current La Liga Fixtures

La liga Fixtures

Barcelona will play Valencia at Camp Nou in the second week of September. This will be interesting in live soccer to watch. Atletico Madrid will play Real Madrid in Wanda Metropolitano. Atletico beat Real Madrid 7-2 in the preseason clash; therefore, a lot is expected in the Madrid derby. Both teams are strong, and they are contesting for a top position in the chat.

Atletico will play against Valencia on 20th October at the Wanda metropolitan. According to soccer prediction, Atletico Madrid will have to beat Valencia to maintain being top on the La Liga table. According to La Liga fixtures of the 2019-2020 season, Real Madrid will be traveling to Camp Nou. This will be an El Classico match between the two rival teams.

Barcelona will be traveling to Madrid play against Roji Blancos. This will be an interesting first match in December. After five long years, Atletico Madrid will play against Griezmann. And Real Madrid will travel to Mestalla to play Valencia. According to La Liga fixtures, only the top four games are to be played in January. At Mentalla stadium Valencia will play against Barcelona for the 21 clashes.

La liga Fixtures
La liga Fixtures(photo

The tough month of La Liga’s premier league for teams is February. Atletico Madrid will face two of the top teams in La Liga away matches. The first match will be against their city rivals Real Madrid. The second match will be against Valencia. This will be a deciding month for Atletico Madrid in their 2019-2020 season.

In the month of Match, Real Madrid will lay two tough teams in two matches. The first Match will be against bitter rivals Real Madrid and one against Valencia. Both of the matches will be played at their home stadium at Santiago Bernabeu. These two matches can either hand them fantasy premier league titles or take it away from them.

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