Race for the Italian Golden boot between Ronaldo and Immobile continues.

Race for the Italian Golden boot

With only 3 matches left for both, it is quite hard to tell who will win the Italian golden boot this season, Immobile or Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo and Ciro Immobile have been on a tight race for the top scorer glory. Moreover, both have been consistent in goal scoring. Ciro Immobile is currently leading the table with a 31 goal tally as Cristiano follows with 30 goals. The two were tied at thirty until last night. Immobile scored a winning goal against Cagliari in a 2-1 victory.

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They’ve both been prolific forwards to their respective clubs this season. Furthermore, they have both scored 12 penalties as part of their goal tally. The two players have quite the history in being league top scorers. This makes it more interesting. Lazio will be facing Hellas Verona, Brescia and Napoli in that order. It is evident the club will not bench their top scorer. On the other hand, the league champions, Juventus, will be facing Sampdoria, Cagliari and Roma. Christiano Ronaldo, their main man upfront, is expected to start in all matches. Immobile has a good history with regards to the Italian golden boot. The Serie A Season will be ending on 12th August.

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