What to expect in the new English Premier League Season.

English Premier League Season

New Ball

The new English Premier League season will begin on September 12th. First things first, Nike will unveil the new premier league ball, the Nike Flight. The ball is a product of an eight year project to improve football consistency. Moreover, it has been well tested. The results, when the ball is travelling through the air it is quite good. As a result, it can be easily tracked even in windy conditions. Looking forward to see it in use.

Promoted Sides

On promotions, Leeds are back in the Premier League after 16 years of missing out. The Championship winners have been promoted to the English Premier League. It does not get better than this! At the helm of the team is Marcelo Bielsa, a legendary coach. This therefore reignites one of the oldest and biggest football rivalries in English football. The rivalry between the Roses and Manchester United. Looking forward to the Pennines Derby.

New Signings

On transfers, we have new players already in the Premier League. These players will make their Premier League debuts next season, 2020/2021. Among them are two players who will be part of an anticipated London attacking trio, Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner. Chelsea has signed both players to bolster their attacking options. According to their reputation, both are expected to be clinical finishers. The two will link up with Christian Pulisic. Together they may or may not give defenders a tough time in the league. Chelsea have really improved their attacking squad depth. As a result, currently they have quality options in their offense. The South West London blues will be a force to reckon with next season.

Also Read

Jadon Sancho for a long time has been linked to Manchester United. If Manchester United manage to sign him from Borussia Dortmund, they will have high quality attacking formation. Considering their recent form with the spectacular Bruno Fernandes, with Sancho it will be good chemistry.

The new English Premier League season is something to look forward to. Moreover, Bielsa, Ancelloti, Guardiola, Brendan Rodgers among other coaches will launch their quest for the trophy.

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