The Current Charts on the Premier League.

Premier League Charts

Matches are being played in empty stadiums in the current premier league.  The earnings that teams received was reduced by 60 percent to reflect a particular curve. The idea of predicting the entire upcoming premier league season is not appetizing. Some are now sceptical of how statistics are being used in football prediction in the current league matches.

Qualifying for the champions league and the battle to prevent relegation are the main issues at stake as the premier league concludes. Liverpool is toping the current premier league table, followed by Manchester City.

There is a lot of expectation for all teams in their coming matches. Leicester City will be hosting Manchester United. Both of the teams and Chelsea compete for top-four spots in the current chart, and there are only two remaining, according to Dundafootball news.

Do you remember when television cameras used to zoom on sobbing fans after their club had been relegated? Now with fans not able to attend matches due to coronavirus pandemic, that may not happen this season. In the coming matches, Watford, Aston Villa, and Bournemouth are preparing hard to avoid relegation. Their fans are optimistic that their teams will join Norwich in the premier league championship.

Only three points separate three teams are with almost identical goal differences are battling for a space in the premier league. Liverpool, Manchester have already booked their spots in the Champions League that will happen next season. Therefore, Manchester United, Chelsea and Leicester will battle it out for the two spots remaining.

According to Chelsea Fc news, Chelsea needs one point to secure the top four spots after beating Wolves, placed in the sixth position in the chart. Leicester is guaranteed a top spot in the champions league after beating Manchester United.

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