What will happen when the trophy drought ends for Manchester United this season 2021-22?

What will happen when the trophy drought ends for Manchester United this season 2021-22? Manchester United have gone a couple of years without laying their hands on any trophy, based on their squad outlook and form, Ole Gunners boys seem determined to end the trophy drought this season.

What will happen when the trophy drought ends for Manchester United this season 2021-22? Manchester United have gone a couple of years without laying their hands on any trophy, based on their squad outlook and form, Ole Gunners boys seem determined to end the trophy drought this season.

What will happen when the trophy drought ends for Manchester United? Photo Credits Manchester United

Spending without holding back: A hunt for trophies

The Red Devils have been in the news for their huge spending spree this transfer window. They’ve added Raphael Varane to their squad and Jadon Sancho. After several seasons of waiting for the arrival of Jadon Sancho, they were able to acquire the English winger from Dortmund. With Raphael Varane around, United now has enough quality and depth at the back making them a force in domestic competitions as well as Europe next season.

Raphael Varane holding his shirt number after he was announced at Old Trafford. Raphael Varane is one of the additions to Ole’s squad in a bid to win a trophy this season. Photo Credits: Manchester United

A consistent presence in the champions league this far

For starters, they won’t be entering the Champions League knockout phase having failed to finish among the top four last season but will most certainly start their European campaign at the group stage following their second place finish behind Manchester City in the Premier league last season.

The teams that they will be facing in the Champions League will be announced after the Champions League group draw is done. Currently the various European teams that finished at playoff positions in their various leagues are competing for the qualification spots.

What lies ahead if United win their first European trophy in six seasons this season? What happens if they finally end Man U’s long wait for a trophy since the Europa league final triumph over Ajax in 2016? What next when at last, the drought ends for Manchester United? What is on the horizon? What should we expect to see occur during the coming season? What are some of those things that might happen as a result of winning their first European trophy under Solskjaer’s management.

What will happen when the trophy drought ends for Manchester United?

What next – What happens after trophies are won? What is the feeling like just before, during and after a trophy win? What happens immediately after that momentous occasion in sport history when a team lifts their first league title in however many years or decades it may be (Arsenal comes to mind). What will be the general mentality of the individual players? What should we expect from every one else who’s part of that club including fans staff members journalists owners etc.

Sir Alex Ferguson posing with trophies after winning the treble. Will current coach Ole Gunnar be able to end the trophy drought at Manchester United? Photo Credits: Manchester United

A whole sea change takes place almost overnight as everyone involved with the club moves into another gear of existence and begins to look forward again instead of living constantly looking back on the Fergie days. Its certain that Manchester United players and fans look back with nostalgia to the good old Alex Ferguson days. Back when playing them was way tougher than it is now. Whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be as successful as him or not time will tell. What I mean by looking back and living with nostalgia is that every one associated with United are still looking back to have the former day experiences Sir Alex Ferguson.

David Moyes run at the club

The firing of David Moyes in 2014 was something everyone had thought would never happen especially after he was given a vote of confidence by one of the greatest managers to have ever graced the Premier League, Alex Ferguson. What makes it more depressing than his average-performance tenure at United is that ever since then there has been no light at the end of any tunnel for us fans to see so we can get excited again.

David Moyes in a previous match coaching Manchester United. He succeeded Alex Ferguson following his departure after 2013-14 season. Photo Credits Manchester United

A ray of hope to end Manchester United trophy drought…

However, with Bruno Fernandes present, a trophy seems around the corner. Bruno Fernandes has been a sensation since his arrival at Old Trafford. His goal and assist statistics can only be largely compared to those of Belgium’s finest, Kevin De Bruyne.

What was even more impressive, however, is that Fernandes’ assists were the leading ones in his team. What does all this mean? What it means is that Bruno Fernandes has been Manchester United’s main threat in recent years and has been a core component of the teams successes so far, Portuguese Magnifico.

The Portuguese Magnifico netted 18 goals in the 2020/21 Premier League season, coming third to Harry Kane(23) and Salah(22). Regarding assists, he came in third again(12) tying with Etihad’s Kevin De Bruyne. Harry Kane recorded 14 assists, beating the two to this accolade.

A UEFA Europa Cup exit for United

One trophy did come close to United’s door. A lose to Villarreal on penalties marked another trophy less season for United. Despite being trophy less, United fans take pride in beating their noisy neighbors, Manchester City, last season. “So although we do not have much to boast about right now, at least we beat one of our rivals! And as you know, winning against your biggest rival can only be a good thing!”

But what will happen when [the drought] ends? What would it be like to get a trophy for the club? What can we expect to happen? What will change at the club after? What is needed and what could be done better?

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The unending pressure to end the trophy drought at Old Trafford

First, when United do win a trophy, there will be more pressure. Expectations are higher than ever. United manager Ole Gunnar will face an even bigger challenge in making sure he prepares his team well, playing almost perfect football. Every single decision he makes in regards to players will be under scrutiny. Which player needs to be sold or which new signings are necessary – all eyes on him as he guides the ship that is [the drought] ending and its consequences going forward.

Furthermore, fans would hope that some of their favorite players remain at United despite huge interest from foreign clubs. What happens if a player like Anthony Martial wants to leave? What happens when some fans don’t want a certain player to remain at the club, such as Paul Pogba? What would Ole Gunnar do in these situations? How will he handle them?

Paul Pogba in a previous match for Manchester United. He provided 4 assists in this match whereby Manchester United played Leeds. Man U won 4:1. Photo Credits Manchester United

The possibilities

What if United continue their winning ways and reach one of the cups final but lose it again. What will happen then? Will the fans bear the sight of loosing yet another final after loosing Europa final last season? What kind of consequences will this have on the team’s confidence and reputation in England and across other leagues around Europe who are watching Ed Woodward trying to sign more players with Erling Haaland being one of them. What do you guys think about all this? Is there anything else that could or should be mentioned within these scenarios/questions? What will happen when the trophy drought ends for Manchester United this season 2021-22? What will happen if United continue to win more trophies after winning a trophy first time in – What do you guys think about all this?

A new man at the wheel for Manchester United 20/21 Premier League title race?

Alex Ferguson as Manchester United coach, lifting the Premier League title. Photo Credits : Alex Ferguson(@alex.ferguson.official) Instagram

Post – Fergie Drought

According to the Premier League Statistics, Manchester United have not won the Premier League title since Sir Alex Ferguson’s final season in 2013. It has been a season of two halves last time around for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Alex Ferguson as Manchester United coach, lifting the Premier League title. Photo Credits : Alex Ferguson(@alex.ferguson.official) Instagram
Alex Ferguson as Manchester United coach, lifting the EPL title. Photo Credits : Alex Ferguson(@alex.ferguson.official) Instagram

The signing of Bruno Fernandes was an extraordinary move for Manchester United. More so with regards to their title contention. The main idea behind signing Bruno Fernandes was to revitalize the Red Devils club. Eventually, United recovered from the poor start, especially this season and recorded four wins across November and December.

The 2021-21 season is United’s 29th season in the Premier League. Moreover, Ole Gunnar’s team has successfully achieved the 46th consecutive season in the English Premier League’s top flight. Bear in mind that the red devils are currently participating in the UEFA Europa League, Premier League, and the EFL Cup. In addition to that, they will participate in the FA Cup. Currently, the team stands at number three in the Premier League, four points behind the leaders Liverpool. On top of that, Manchester United has gathered 26 points in 13 Premier League matches this season. The Red devils and their noisy neighbors, Manchester City, have a game at hand.

The Bruno Effect

 Bruno Fernandes has currently been voted as United fans’ superstar player for the year 2020. Most betting platforms have carried out polling activities, which has showcased that Bruno Fernandes is the calendar year’s best player at Manchester United. When Men Sport ran a poll asking its United fans, Readers, to vote for their outstanding player, many votes cast made him the overwhelming choice.

Bruno Fernandes celebrating a past goal for Manchester United in the Premier League.

Bruno Fernandes was born in Portugal.  The Portuguese midfielder was signed for forty-seven million Sterling Pounds (£47m) plus bonuses totaling to twenty-one million Sterling Pounds(£21m). Before joining the Manchester club, the Portuguese magnifico had a remarkable season at Sporting Lisbon. He has being a significant impact on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side. Besides that, he propelled Man U to a third position in the Premier League. The main objective is to secure a top four spot. This assures them of a Champions League spot next season.

Most people know him for hop, skip, shoot. Well, you cannot help but notice the three Premier League Player of the Month Awards he has bagged this year. A great fete indeed. Another great Portuguese signing in a Manchester United jersey.

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Whether United wins the league or not, it’s just but a matter of time. But the numbers are currently favorable this far. Numbers do not lie, class is permanent and bottling happens.

Manchester United Coming Fixtures 

December 2020.

  • Saturday 26th December – EPL
  • Tuesday 29th December – EPL
  • Friday 1st January – EPL
  • Saturday 9th January – The FA Cup – Sunday
  • Wednesday 17th January – EPL
  • Wednesday 20th January – EPL

How foreign players adapt. The Premier League edition.

Bruno Fernandes.

The subject of how foreign players adapt to the premier league is back again. The renewed discussion on the issue is as a result of newly signed players being in the spotlight as they begin playing for their new clubs. Carlo Ancelotti has weighed in on the subject after Everton’s 1-0 win against Tottenham Hotspur. According to Ancelotti, the Colombian playmaker will face no issues adapting to English football. Furthermore, he believes that adapting to the Premier League is an exaggerated concept. “He has no problem to adapt to the Premier League because we are not playing a different sport,” Ancelotti explained. “It’s football, the pitch is the same everywhere,” added the manager. “But he has to adapt to his new team-mates and know their movements and his team-mates have to adapt to know his quality better,” He concluded.

James Rodriguez and Carlo Ancelotti on the sidelines against Tottenham. Image: Getty Images
James Rodriguez and Carlo Ancelotti on the sidelines against Tottenham. Image: Getty Images

Players and managers weigh in on how foreign players adapt.

Carlo Ancelotti is not the first to share his opinions about the issue. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola had a different view. He admitted to finding it hard to get Manchester City to play his way as a result of the physical approach of their opponents. “In Germany, it was more physical, but not like here. Here it is all the teams, except maybe Chelsea because Antonio Conte is playing well and having them build-up, but the other teams are taller, stronger, physical, and you have to adapt and build from that,” Guardiola said.

Fernandhinho getting assessed by Pep Guardiola. Image: Getty Images
Fernandhinho getting assessed by Pep Guardiola. Image: Getty Images

Gonzalo Higuain also admitted to struggling to adapt to the Premier League. He shared his concerns with the then Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri. “He said to me that it’s difficult because the physical impact of the defenders here is strong,” said Sarri. Arsenal’s goalkeeper Bernard Leno, their midfielder Mesut Ozil and Liverpool’s Midfielder Fabinho have also shared similar opinions.

Gonzalo Higuain is challenged by Erik Lamela during the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge. Image: Getty Images
Gonzalo Higuain is challenged by Erik Lamela during the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge. Image: Getty Images

The Consensus.

It appears that Carlo Ancelotti is alone in his sentiments that foreign players adaption to the premier league and its physicality after joining their new clubs is an exaggeration. However, many instances back his claim. Players such as Bruno Fernandes, Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and others have hit the ground running after joining the Premier League.

Bruno Fenandes with his June POTM award. Image: Getty Images
Bruno Fenandes with his June POTM award. Image: Getty Images.

16 games Unbeaten, 11 Clean sheets Manchester United seem unstoppable.

Clean sheets Manchester United seem unstoppable.

Manchester United are on a good run and are now fond of victory. Their fans worldwide are highly impressed by how the club has been performing lately.  In a home game today, they won 5-2 against Bournemouth FC which is currently battling relegation and were not ready to give them an easy victory. The main highlight of the night was Mason Greenwood, their 18 year old homegrown player who scored a brace and Bruno Fernandes, a wonder signing who has had tremendous impact on their midfield. Fernandes seem to have good chemistry with box to box French midfielder Paul Pogba and the have bossed that midfield constantly playmaking and providing assists. The Portuguese player, who scored a free kick goal and provided two assists today, is yet to loose a game as a Manchester player.

The teenager on the other hand has now proven himself and secured the right wing position in the first eleven squad. He’s quite an asset to the club and will definitely be a key player in the rebuilding of the club to retain its lost glory. He was ranked third in the Football’s Next Generation Listings and got nominated for the Golden Boy football awards this year. He is quite impressive with his ability to shoot with both legs and red devil fans occasionally compare him to the Dutch United legend, Robin Van Persie. Greenwood, with 15 goals and 5 assists in all competitions, is now part of the clinical United attacking trio together with Anthony Martial who has 20 goals and 6 assist and Marcus Rashford who has 20 goals and has provided 8 assists in all competitions.

The club has seemingly adopted a constant starting 11 and are very tactical in how they make their attacks on their rivals. Their main focus is securing a top 4 spot for the Champions League qualifications and they are steamrolling over their opponents. The club will be hosted by Aston Villa at Villa Park on Thursday July 9th in their next clash.

Photo Credit: Manchester United Official Twitter Account @ManUtd 

Manchester United eyes James Rodriguez to strengthen their midfield

Manchester United eyes James Rodriguez to strengthen their midfield

According to reports, James Rodriguez has been linked with a move to Manchester United. Manchester United’s qualification to the Champions League has given them the confidence of making new bids to sign top players.

United are currently in search of a Bruno Fernandez back up as they do not expect him to be involved in every game. The Portuguese international has been of impact since he arrived at Old Trafford. His confidence and creativity have transformed the Manchester United team.

James Rodriguez is a potential signing for Manchester United. Reports indicate that United have been in contact with him. The Red devils consider Rodriguez a back up option for Fernandez.

Under Carlo Ancelotti in Real Madrid, Rodriguez performed well in his first season. Zidane’s arrival at Madrid saw him signed out on loan to Bayern Munich where he was at his best form. Despite his best performance in Germany, Bayern did not sign him permanently. He was on loan at Bayern for two years since 2017.

From reports, it will cost Manchester United around 25 million euros to sign Rodriguez. The Colombian international can play as a winger as well as an attacking midfielder.

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Jadon Sancho is still Manchester United’s primary target in this coming transfer window. The club is to spend not less than £100 million on him. Other players on United’s list include Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish, Westham’s Declan Rice and Lille’s centre back Gabriel Magalhaes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images